The exhibition shows eight first diplomas from the media art class of the Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig.
After the presentation on july 12th and 13th the works have been shown in the exhibition that lasted for two weeks.

exhibition from july 16th until 30th with works from:

Sebastian Helms
Sylvia Kowalski
Denis Luce
Inga Martel
Andreas Miller
Marlene Morgenstern
Stefan Riebel
Frank Übler

Sebastian Helms, installation, 2006
gipsum board, wood, metal, thread

Sylvia Kowalski, installation, 2006
fabric, metal, gipsum, epoxy resin

Denis Luce, installation, 2006
gipsum board, wood

Inga Martel, audioinstallation, 2006

Andreas Miller, installation, 2006

Marlene Morgenstern, photography, 2006

Stefan Riebel, performance und painting, 2006

Frank Übler, 2 Diasecs, 2006

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