Nika Kupyrova


Photography and Installation

Grand opening on april, 7th at 7pm in the Kuhturm. Everbody is welcome.
Finnisage on april, 17th as a part of LINDENOW.

The Exhibition is open daily
from 4pm until 7pm.

NIKA KUPYROVA (UK,CZ) works with photography and site-specific installations to explore the quality of space as a human habitat and a concept of ‘home’. Migration of objects through inhibited spaces, breakages, arrangements, patina of repetitive use allow to reconstruct the dweller’s identity through scattered visual clues, leading to open-ended narratives.

A lot of the work arises from the artist’s personal engagement with sourcing, arranging and manipulating; a kind of object-play that would be a visual equivalent of word-play. Working with materials sourced around the city the artist re-establishes lost identities and creates fictional spatial narratives of Leipzig’s private spaces.