artist Mohamed Nadrani in front of his work

in the torture chamber of the regime

Comic exhibition by Mohammed Nadrani. »Les sarcophages du complexe - disparitions forcées«

To put up with historical and political events is not only a scientific issue. It is as well a topic in the fine arts. In his exhibition the artist allows a specific view into the habits and the daily terror of a government that violently strikes down every oposition.

In his comic „Les sarcophages du Complexe – Disparitions forcées“ (in the torture chambers of the regime) the moroccan artist focusses on the events during the terror regime under Hassan II. (1961 – 1999). During that time every form of oposition has been supressed violently.
The exhibition shows a position of the political prisoner Mohammed Nadrani. He has been put to prison and he has been tortured over many years. With his comics he tries to work up those dark times in his life and he allows a slight view for people who aren't involved in the moroccan history.

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exhibition from may 22nd until june 3rd

mon., may 22nd 7.00 pm in presence of the artist

film program:
thu., may 25th 9.00 pm
»La chambre noir« (Morocco 2004)

mon., may 29th 9.00 pm
»Das Ministerium für Staatssicherheit - Alltag einer Behörde« (Germany 2003)

thu., june 1st 9.00 pm
»Jawhara« (Morocco 2004)

music program:
sat., may 27th from 9.00 pm
DJ el Jaro - arabic beats

thematic show through the exhibition in presence of the artist.
sun., may 28th 3.00 pm